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FUN, HUMOR animated gifs

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AVATARS 100x100
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Fun, humor (96 gifs) 

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3D: 3D Animated Gifs(252 gifs) 

Animals: Aquatic animals(81 gifs) Bears & pandas(46 gifs) Birds(69 gifs) Cats(258 gifs) Cats and dogs(47 gifs) Disguises(34 gifs) Dogs(249 gifs) Farm animals(74 gifs) Frogs(33 gifs) Jungle animals(86 gifs)  Penguins(33 gifs) Rodents(87 gifs) Turtles & tortoises(28 gifs) 

Characters: Babies and kids(130 gifs) Donald Trump(21 gifs) Fat Spiderman(98 gifs) Gestures(76 gifs) Hitler(23 gifs) Macron(9 gifs) 

Combined animated gifs: (39 gifs) 

Leisure: Fishing(59 gifs) 

Miscellaneous: Buildings(37 gifs) Dance(91 gifs) Falls(117 gifs) Kids and animals(80 gifs) Food and drinks(67 gifs) Horror, gore(62 gifs)  Performances(62 gifs) Punch(77 gifs) Skateboard(63 gifs) Slow motion(200 gifs) Swimming pool, water(81 gifs) War, army, weapons(87 gifs) 

Perfect loops: Graphics(252 gifs) Machines(46 gifs) Miscellaneous(75 gifs) 

Sports: Athletics(36 gifs) Baseball(106 gifs) Basketball(115 gifs) Body-building, fitness(37 gifs) Bowling(33 gifs) Boxing(53 gifs) Dive(9 gifs) Football(128 gifs) Golf(30 gifs) Gymnastics(43 gifs) Hockey(43 gifs) Horse riding(14 gifs) Judo(20 gifs) Judo collection(9 gifs) Other fighting sports(141 gifs) Parachuting, skydiving(24 gifs) Rugby(28 gifs) Rugby car(10 gifs) Skiing(35 gifs) Ski jumping(12 gifs) Sledge(24 gifs) Soccer(172 gifs) Soccer (small collections)(7 gifs) Sumo wrestling(35 gifs) Surfing(14 gifs) Swimming(10 gifs) Synchronised swimming(15 gifs) Table tennis(16 gifs) Tennis(65 gifs) Volleyball(22 gifs) Water skiing(12 gifs) Weight Lifting(59 gifs) Wrestling(24 gifs) Zidane headbutt(52 gifs) 
Transportation: Bikers(52 gifs) Crashes(67 gifs) Cycling(60 gifs) Racing(25 gifs) Transportation(100 gifs) 
On this page: 4,986 gifs + 96 animated avatars.

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