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KIDS animated gifs

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A lot of animated gifs representing kids
including many collections where images can be used as emoticons, emojis ... for your messages, profiles ...
AVATARS 100x100
To use in forums, messengers, facebook...
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Babies (128) - Boys (379) - Chinese kids (109) - Little girls (993) -

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Babies Boys Girls Other kids Miscellaneous

Activities, games and toys
Hobby horses(16 gifs) Hula hoop(46 gifs) Jack in the box(39 gifs) Kids cubes(16 gifs) Kids playing indoor(41 gifs) Kids playing outdoor(79 gifs) Kite(60 gifs) Lego bricks(21 gifs) Park games(39 gifs) Roller skates(76 gifs) Skipping rope(40 gifs) Soap bubbles(21 gifs)  Teddies(51 gifs) Yoyo(19 gifs) 
COLLECTIONS : Roly-poly toys(20 gifs) Roly-poly toys(17 gifs) 

Balloons : See in category HOLIDAYS

Dolls : See in category CHARACTERS

Funfair : See in category LEISURE

Skateboard : See in category LEISURE

Video games : See in category LEISURE

Spinning tops: (20 gifs)  - COLLECTIONS: (10 gifs) (8 gifs) (10 gifs) (10 gifs) (10 gifs) (10 gifs) (10 gifs) (10 gifs) (10 gifs) (10 gifs) (5 gifs) 

Graduation: (38 gifs) 

School: (229 gifs)  - COLLECTIONS: Small series(24 gifs) (5 gifs) (8 gifs) (8 gifs) (6 gifs) 

Stationery: See in OFFICE category

Babies Boys Girls Other kids Miscellaneous

On this page: 1,042 gifs + 0 animated avatars .

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