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NATURE animated gifs

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Fire (46 gifs) Nature (388 gifs) Space (105 gifs) Winter, snow (75 gifs) 

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Landscapes Meteorology Natural elements Natural risks Seasons Space

According to weather and season: Autumn landscapes(30 gifs) Rainy landscapes(92 gifs) Snowy landscapes(440 gifs) Sunsets, sunrises(430 gifs) 

According to place: Deserts(20 gifs) Forests(40 gifs) Islands(47 gifs) Mountains(103 gifs) Rivers(127 gifs) Sea, coast, beach(152 gifs) Trees(34 gifs) Waterfalls(319 gifs) 
COLLECTIONS : (20 gifs) 

By night : Nightly landscapes(137 gifs) 

Natural elements
Fire: Fire(64 gifs) Campfires(130 gifs) Flames(100 gifs) Lighters(74 gifs) Matches(47 gifs) 
COLLECTIONS: Small collections(6 gifs) Flames(11 gifs) 

Water: Fountains(33 gifs) Water(107 gifs)  - COLLECTIONS: (17 gifs) 

Natural risks
Earthquakes(37 gifs) Floodings, tsunamis(20 gifs) Volcanoes, geysers(103 gifs) 

Landscapes Meteorology Natural elements Natural risks Seasons Space

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